(#407) Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

(#407) Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

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Can you remember the route from home to school? How did you learn it? What happened in your brain that you can now remember and recall it at will? Why are some memories clearer than others? Apply to this project to explore how the brain forms, stores and recalls memories.

Potential projects could include analysis of animal behavior on a complex maze, meta-analysis of existing research to answer a unique question, computational analysis of data from neurons, or the development of a unique behavioral experiment. Projects will be designed to cater to your personal interests, and in accordance to the skills you want to develop. You could learn how to do an in-depth literature survey, or to code to analyze data, and apply the scientific method to find a solution to a question.

You will be working with a neuroscientist who has mentored high-school and undergraduate students, and taught several classes at the college level. The scientist has been in the field for about a decade and has experience with inter-disciplinary studies.

All you need to bring with you for this project is curiosity and lots of questions. This will be a great opportunity to dive into the nitty-gritties of research, while improving your academic profile as a bonus.

Mentoring will be once a week for an hour with the option to increase frequency, or duration as mentor and mentee see fit. The program will be for 8 weeks with the goal to present a completed project at the end.

The number of hours that you will need to set aside for this project will be, at the least, 5-6 hours per week. But this will increase for more complex projects.

Prerequisites: Be curious and unafraid to ask questions.

The research will be driven by the students.

For pricing and other details contact support@skoolmentor.com right away as spots fill up fast!

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