Introduction to Research Fundamentals

Introduction to Research Fundamentals

Introduction to Research Fundamentals

SkoolMentor is offering an unique opportunity to introduce students to research led by a Biomedical Scientist, currently pursuing advanced Molecular neuro-oncogenetic research. He also has extensive experience in mentoring for high school undergraduate students across the globe.

This program sets a strong foundation for students that are interested in research through critical exploration of the research process, scientific methodology, qualitative and quantitative research techniques. This course has a strong focus on how technology culminates with biology and medicine in shaping the future healthcare. Students will learn cutting-edge web-based tools in different facets of Biomedical sciences.

This beginner friendly opportunity is excellent for students who are curious, driven and interested in the field of Biomedicine. Our introduction to Research Fundamentals course serves as a prerequisite to our specialized research programs. Admission to the program is selective due to the high demand and is considered based on availability.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Scientific methodology and process
  • Understand and use qualitative and quantitative research techniques
  • Develop a working understanding of web-tools used in research
  • Introduction to bio-statistical analysis
  • Introduction to the different types of peer-reviewed research papers

Program Schedule

  • Week 1: Overall introduction to research and scientific methods
  • Week 2: Introduction to Biomedical concepts
  • Week 3: Web-tools for pursuing Biomedical research
  • Week 4: Biostatistical analysis

Group Size

  • Maximum of 5 students per session

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