(#506) Transitional Cancer Research

(#506) Transitional Cancer Research

For driven high school/undergraduate students, SkoolMentor is offering a unique 8 week opportunity to conduct remote research in Transitional cancer research with a research scientist affiliated with New York University Grossman School of Medicine. The Mentor has extensive research experience in computational biological research of cancer, especially blood cancers like acute myeloid leukemia

The topic of research would be to study the frequently mutated genes in leukemia, and investigate the differential association of biological processes and pathways in leukemia cells, with varying expression of these genes. Such studies could highlight novel genes and pathways in leukemia, that could provide better, improved, and targeted therapeutic solutions, to prevent disease relapse.

The researcher has served as a mentor for high school and undergraduate students in association with NYU Vilcek School of Graduate Biomedical Studies Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), and NYU Grossman School of Medicine. She also serves as a career counselor and English language trainer for socio-economically underprivileged youth, in affiliation with an NGO based in India, and USA.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious, driven, and who want to contribute to, and wish to learn the basic principles of computational biology driven cancer research.

Opportunities such as these are also a great way for students to showcase the passion for STEM and stand out in college applications.

The mentoring happens once a week for 8 weeks and is for 1 hour duration

The students need to put in about 5-6 hours per week on their own doing the research.

The research will be driven by the students.

For pricing and other details contact support@skoolmentor.com right away as spots fill up fast!

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