(#502) Transitional Cancer Research

(#502) Transitional Cancer Research

For driven high school/undergraduate students, SkoolMentor is offering a unique 8-week opportunity to conduct remote research in Transitional cancer research with a research scientist affiliated with a NCI-recognized national medical Centre. The Mentor has extensive research experience in cancer biology, Transitional research, and precision medicine research.

The topics of research could be metabolic alterations in cancer, metabolic rewiring in cancer, mitochondrial alterations contributing to clinical aggressiveness, mouse model development for different tumors, cancer genomic driver mutations in rare tumors and understanding the role of compensatory mutations and understanding the process of carcinogenesis in different aggressive tumors.

The researcher has 9 years of experience in cancer genomics, developing murine models and has presented in several international conferences such as AACR (American association of cancer research) and ASH (American society of hematology). The mentor has won several awards in different conferences and has guided many junior research students. The mentor can assist students to create a poster/presentation to be presented at science fairs and scientific conferences.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious, driven, want to contribute to patient-oriented research and wish to learn the molecular mechanisms driving carcinogenesis.

Opportunities such as these are also a great way for students to showcase the passion for STEM and stand out in college applications.

The mentoring happens once a week for 8 weeks and is for 1 hour duration. The students need to put in about 2-3 hours per week on their own doing the research. If the student has some basic programming in R, would be helpful, even if not, we have other projects which do not need basic programming experience.

For pricing and other details contact support@skoolmentor.com right away as spots fill up fast!

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