(#412) Stem Cell Research

(#412) Stem Cell Research

SkoolMentor is offering a unique 8-week program to conduct remote research in stem cell research. This program is designed and customized for highly driven high school/and junior undergraduate students who have interests in pursuing a career in research within the field of stem cell biology. This program is an introduction to concepts of stem cell biology literature research and developing skills in using research databases for genetic and protein analysis. Students are encouraged to use this opportunity to create a project based on experimental design and bioinformatics skills.

Through this program, students may have the opportunity to meet other researchers in the field and will have a deeper understanding of the stem cell research. Students will specifically learn how to perform literature reviews, use genetic and protein databases, and experience the process of experimental design.

About the mentor: The mentor is a double PhD in stem cell biology and science education. Dr. T is a mentor, coach, educator, and published scholar and researcher in the field of hematopoietic stem cell biology and science education. Dr. T is a successful entrepreneur in science consultancy and an active volunteer in the community. Dr. T is a two-time TEDx speaker, frequent keynote speaker and panelist.

Students will meet the mentor for 1-hour per week for 8 weeks. Mentor will address some questions throughout the week. Comprehensive emails questions will be addressed during the 1-hour meeting.

The students need to put in about 6-8 hours per week on their own doing the research.

No previous stem cell knowledge or experience is needed; however, a hardworking and driven spirit is essential for optimal experience in this course. A good grasp and understanding of basic biology is helpful. Must be comfortable with using technology and the internet for research and access to stable internet connection is essential.

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