(#405) Sustainable Future and Cleantech

(#405) Sustainable Future and Cleantech

Short Description

Create and develop a project to understand its green eco footprint and overall impact in advancing the world to be a greener planet. This hands-on course is led under the guidance of a field expert with real world experience in developing high-tech green energy projects. The students are encouraged to pick a project they are passionate about from various sustainability topics including sustainable energy, clean water and land use.

Long Description

If you are eager to explore the world of sustainable energy, clean water and clean air technologies and understand their impact on global warming here is something that might interest you. 

Challenge yourself to create and develop a project, understand its green eco footprint and see how it fits in the global scheme of contributing to a greener planet. Doing research, procuring items from your local home depot or hardware store ( or online) you can get hands-on with this 8 week remote project on SkoolMentor. If you were curious about all those science classes you have been taking, now you can see how those physics and chemistry courses in high school actually take shape in the real world! 

A perfect way to have fun and learn at the same time and do something interesting and hand-on that would showcase your attitude to experiment and innovate and bolster your college application. Register and interview with the course organizers to find out if this may be something you would like to take up.

Under the guidance and personal mentorship of a seasoned professional with technical and business experience developing high tech green energy projects, you will explore and expand your own understanding of what constitutes global warming and how green energy and clean tech applications in air, water and land utilization shape the green economies of the world. 

You will be tasked with project that you are passionate about. You can choose to think of a project and get approved by your mentor or choose a project in one of the following areas:

  1. Sustainable Clean Water:
    1. Conservation of water through re-use and cleanup using environmentally friendly technologies.
    2. Ideas for creating a clean water solution
  2. Sustainable Energy:
    1. Renewable Energy modeling : Solar water heater : capturing solar energy through simple devices
    2. Green Energy: Understanding and creating biofuels and bio gas: ex. land fill gas from compost
  3. Sustainable Land Use:
    1. Carbon capture through plants/agriculture/forestry: Projects around this theme

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