(#303) Entrepreneurship


For driven high school/undergraduate students, SkoolMentor is offering a unique 10 week opportunity to ideate, implement, launch remote research based Entrepreneurial Project, which would be critically analyzed based on facts in the domains of Entrepreneurship, Business Ideation, Set-up & Finance, Marketing & Promotion with Practical Implementation of Business Models based on B2B and B2C concepts of Online Business. Learning will be based on Real–life Case Studies and the implementation of the learnings through a Real-life Business Model created and to be implemented by the students.

The topics of research will cover launch of the Entrepreneurial Project after thorough learning, planning, SWOT Analysis and critically analyzing trends by the means of Real-Life Case Studies. The ideation and planning will include preparation of analysis report taking into consideration Market Perception, Project Identification, Market Research, Consumption and Financial dynamics. The students will understand Business Models and their Lifeline and Commercial Modeling. Besides, students will develop a deep understanding and hands on practical learning of Ideation and operating of Business its Marketing & Promotion its Behavior and related concepts.

The mentor has served as a Director for high school and undergraduate students at reputed Universities. The mentor has a rich blend of experience with industry and academics and equipped with field and market research experience in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Branding & Digital Communication.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious, driven, want to contribute to field and market driven research projects and wish to learn contemporary strategies used by Brands & Businesses. Student will launch their product and get exposure to pitch it.

Opportunities such as these are also a great way for students to enhance the Entrepreneurial passion and establishment of Business ventures, besides contributing to helping students stand out in college/grad school applications.

The mentoring happens once a week for 10 weeks and is for 1 hour duration.

The students need to put in about 5-6 hours per week on their own doing the research.

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Limited seats available.

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